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CA Timbers use in services Latvian Riga port utilities and Certificates. We can offer the following services for timber products:

OUR PRODUCT Tanalith pressure treatment is available in Green or Brown colouring with "Osmose Naturewood".Wood
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Naturewood preserved wood is the name given to timber that has been preserved with an Osmose preservative system which is based on copper and an organic co-biocide (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). Alkaline Copper Quaternary systems have provided proven performance for almost a decade in locations throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Japan. Osmose Naturewood preserved wood can be used for fencing, timber decking, landscaping timbers, construction timbers and other timber products.
When exposed to certain conditions, in particular when the moisture content is allowed to rise above 24%, timber is susceptible to attack from fungi and insects. The service life of properly treated timber is 5 to 10 times longer than untreated wood.
The standard levels of treatment retention are 4.0kg/m3 or 5.3kg/m3, the last being recommended for fence posts and external joinery timbers.

This is desiccation process under temperature of 56 degrees Celsius during 30 minutes in special chambers. Wood is protected against decay, rot and pets.
All Heat Treated timber is supplied to satisfy the latest Phytosanitary Regulations.

Our anti stain tanks use 'Sinesto B', from BASF Oy Wolman Division (Finland) for the treatment of softwoods against blue stain and fungal mould. It allows the timber to breathe and the moisture content reduce naturally. It additionally covers the timber however, typically in abundance during early Spring, can't land directly on the timber surface causing discolouration or growth of mould.
Antiseptic 'Sinesto B' is certified by Finnish Chemicals OY.

It is automated process for the removal of moisture from sawn timber through the use of heat and airflow in a controlled environment.
As result you will have dimensional stability and less risk of distortion, fungi and moulds can not survive on dry timber, improved penetration of preservatives, a smoother finish after machining and improved performance of finishes such as paints and stains, improved insulation, improved strength, lighter weight.
We use progressive external kilns, can offer certificates.

Grading On fully automated, high speed lines from WEINING (Germany) with 8. nuts planes in our Latvian's modern planning mills we produce certificated products from selected parcels of Latvian Redwood and Whitewood.
Our major markets for planed timber are:
  • Independent Timber / Builders Merchants
  • Woodworking Industries such as Manufacturers of Portable.

C16 /C24,upon customer's specifications.
We have a team of registered strength graders trained to visually grade structural carcassing sections in accordance with European Standarts:C16 (general structural) or C24 (special structural) grade . Certified specialists supervise the process and place stamp on each board ,which indicate its class.
At the same time strength grading helps to ensure that design and the timber sizes specified are economical.
We use TR -lines with TRADA certificates.



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